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Why did Ramchandra start Medily


To give everyday people access to cutting edge thematic healthcare products and services

First, I want to start by thanking all of you – our customers, investors and partners in taking the venture to where it is today. It is also true, where we are today is not the right place, we had to go very far ahead where our other competitors are today with millions of customers and transactions.

Who would have thought, just after a year of starting the venture, I was infected with tuberculosis and it will take 3 longer years to recover and got healthy to come back in action again? While fighting with tuberculosis bacteria, I learned to many things and planned to help patient, what they really need in the tough time of their illness.

I made profound thought on how should be the journey ahead. In medicine delivery, while a pizza can be delivered in 30 minutes, why customer wait 24 to 48 hours. Hefty discount model will not be more effective either for start-ups as well investors. Convenience with innovative technology and low cost to patient will be the key.

Now it’s a new beginning for me and specially post Covid-19, I with Mr. Nishant, Mr. Akshay and Ms. Tabbu as core team member will make people naturally think thematically about the healthcare not illness-care.

What Medily doing is making thematic healthcare more precise and more accessible and affordable through the innovative use of data science and automation. MyMedicineBox team will continue with existing services. Medily is of new generation’s thought process to build illness-care to healthcare.

In a world with a growing number of copycats, it is refreshing that we have built something that is not only changing the world of healthcare but remains very much differentiated from the competition.

Our focus will be:

Q. Can we deliver Medicines in 60 min?

A. Yes! Inspiration by 30-minute Pizza Delivery.

Q. Is it necessary to visit Doctor for follow-up and non-emergency?

A. No! While our Doctor and Pharmacist Connect can serve with full satisfaction.

Q. Is it necessary to wait for 2 to 5 days to get healthcare product by eCommerce companies or pay membership to get next day?

A. No! Inspiration by Milk delivery, we plan to deliver your most of needs next day morning

Q. What is #EasyCare subscription in healthcare?

A. It’s an automation in your chronic care management.

Thank you for helping in tough time and look forward for serving as per your expectation with innovation and thematic healthcare.

Best regards,


Founder and COO


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