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21-Days Self-Love Challenge

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It is surprising to note that there is only one human in this world on which your happiness depends. It’s not your family, or your friends or your neighbours. 

It’s only YOU. Yes, you may say that your surroundings also influence your feelings and emotions but it’s only you who has the steering of your own life. 

Most of us struggle to achieve or accept the fact that we can be our own source of happiness.  This is the reason why we bring you a 30-Day simple challenge that will kick start the process of loving yourself without your lifetime.

21 Days Self-Love Challenge

Day 1: List down 10 good things about yourself 

This will help you release the gem of a person that you are and will help you reflect on the golden qualities that make you unique. 

Day 2: Schedule a ME-TIME from now on

Taking out time for yourself is extremely important in between our daily hustles of life. In this time, one can do anything that they enjoy, be it sipping a cup of coffee while listening to music or simply pinking up a hobby they like, taking a hot-water shower, or going out for a walk. 

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Day 3: Take up a hobby 

There are tons of things that you like doing and enjoy while on it. So, pick one, such as painting, swimming, dancing for say. Reflect on yourself and affirm yourself on how good you’re at it. 

Day 4: Start reading an autobiography of a successful person

We’re likely to get influenced by successful people and their roller-coaster path helps us release that something great that was achieved was never easy. 

Day 5: Start appreciating your body parts

Stand in front of your mirror, and say thank you to those body parts that you have been loathing on for years. Everything about you is flawless if looked at with a kinder perspective.


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Day 6: Go for a walk in a peaceful area such as a park, near a lake, etc. 

Day 7: Learn to Say No

We often agree to something just for the sake of what the other will think. But it becomes essential to set a boundary for ourselves and to protect our mental peace. 

Day 8: Practice an hour of Zumba

Exercises often help to release happy hormones in our bodies. Hence Zumba is one way where we can enjoy the exercise and its aftereffect lasts throughout the day. Try including exercises every day. 

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Day 9: Cook a delicious meal for yourself. Of course, food makes us happy. 

Day 10: Take a day break from Social Media as it can prove to be toxic degrading your mental health. 

Day 11: Compliment people around you

This is an act of kindness that will not only bring a smile to their faces but also will make you feel good within. 

Day 12: Give yourself Incentives

Gift yourself when you accomplish a hard task. This will motivate you to do better. 

Day 13: Meditation

It’s a less-practiced, highly underrated activity that everyone should take. It elevates concentration level and makes you a more tolerant person.

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Day 14: Learn a new cocurricular

We mustn’t stop learning new things and acquire new skills which will help us reckon the things we are good at. 

Day 15: List down 5 things that you wish to work upon and make schedules to accomplish them religiously. 

Day 16: A day of Full Activity 

From morning to evening, engage yourself with as much work as possible and check each task that you complete. This will reflect your efficiency. 

Day 17: Forgive yourself

We all make mistakes or make wrong decisions in life. Moving on from the past is the key to self-growth. Be easy on something that has happened earlier, learn from it, and move on. 

Day 18: Write yourself and love note

Write yourself a note about how much you like yourself and what makes you such a lovable and attractive person. Become the one that will love you endlessly and unconditionally. 

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Day 19: Feed street dogs or do an Act of Kindness

The joy of sharing is priceless. Helping the needy, feeding street dogs, caring for the sick are such acts of kindnesses that will definitely make you feel good deep inside and give you true happiness. 

Day 20: Connection to anyone you love

Having a conversation with anyone you connect well can certainly make your day better. Spend quality time with them even if it’s through a call or text if meeting up with the person is not possible. 

Day 21: Convert negative thought into positive

Most things don’t work out well when you have a negative perspective on them. Thus, it is crucial to have a positive outlook towards life which will simplify our living. 


In this challenge, you will be designed to love yourself, be more gentle, and on the other hand, be mentally strong. This will also help you to boost your self-confidence, self-esteem and make you self-sufficient in every aspect of your life. 

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