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How can you set your Internal Body Clock? - a univocal solution to sleep disorders.


I know, this might look quite interesting to you, nowadays, every other person is suffering from some sort of sleep issues whether it is about not getting enough sleep, or waking in later hours of the day, or not being able to sleep at right time.

Before arriving at a solution, the most important thing is to understand your problem and the root cause behind it and to get that root cause, you must know the normal functioning of your sleep cycle, then only you can detect the abnormality behind it, isn’t?

Your Internal Body clock or better say circadian rhythm is a set clock of your body, that manages your sleep and wake cycle. It does many other functions like setting your hormonal levels, hunger pangs, digestion, and other activities. but here, we confine only to the sleep-wake cycle function.

There is an area in the brain that controls the light signals sensed by the eyes. This information is sent to different areas of the brain. This amount of light signals then decides the release of the Sleep signaling hormone called Melatonin. This is this hormone that regulates your sleep. Melatonin is released in darkness. This means if you are watching blue screens and mobile phones for long periods at night, then you are troubling your brain.

Another theory is that people suffering from different mental disorders like anxiety, ADHD, memory loss, depression, chronic fatigue, dementia, Alzheimer’s, migraine, headaches suffer from hormone disturbances. Serotonin is a calming and relaxing hormone produced by the body. Anything affecting its production or regulation can drastically affect the Sleep-wake cycle. That is why people suffering from anxiety or depression tend to suffer from sleep issues.

Below are recommended methods for changing your sleep habits for the better using S.N.A.P.! 




Making a strict sleep schedule is easy, but difficult to follow. You need to be consistent each night. You have to make your brain understand that this is the time you need to sleep. Itmay take days or even weeks to train the brain. one single late-night binge can destroy your whole scheduling.

Another important point is can only be built when you have a reason to get from bed every morning. There is a clear-cut distinction between waking up and getting up from bed. Your purpose makes you get up from bed and waking up is simply the activity of the brain. Have a purpose, plan your day the night before.



Napping is quite negative for those who have troubled sleep cycles. If you feel sleeping in day time then utilize that time in will help in getting rid of those afternoon naps.



Blue rays from laptop screens or mobile phones can interfere with your brain in releasing sleep hormones. So, switching to dim screen lights and less exposure to your TV screens can contribute a lot. Avoid eating or exercising close to your bedtime at night. It causes heartburn and hampers your sleep. Avoid drinking caffeine in later hours of the evening.



It is difficult to precede your sleep timings than to delay it. making small increments as small as 15 minutes every 2-3 days can bring a big difference. Have a relaxing bedtime routine. You can use aromas like lavender for having a relaxing environment. You can massage your scalp with some aromatic oil. Listening to soft songs during bedtime leads to soothing sleep for some people. Invest in good-quality mattresses and check for any illness related to joint pains, back pain, or heartburns. These can hamper sound sleep.

Last but not least have good sleep hygiene is a Relaxing Sleep environment and a good daily bedtime routine. Have a protein-rich diet. It has been studied that tryptophan; a form of protein helps in melatonin production from the brain. Foods like turkey, chicken, meat, tofu, fatty fish (salmon), nuts (almonds at night), beans, seeds, eggs oatmeal, and soy products are enriched with this protein.

There are melatonin supplements available on the market. Famous diets like the Mediterranean diet and serotonin diet are quite popular in achieving consistent soothing sleep at night.


They say A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures for anything. And, they say right.


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