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In the era we are living in, eating junk food has become a trend. For some, it is a compulsion because they are living out of their homes, where they cannot get food cooked by their loved ones while for some it is a way to satisfy their tongues which they cannot resist. 

Considering the lives we are living, we do not really have time to pay attention to our eating habits as we all are continuously running with a great pace to cope up with this ever fast moving world. Fast food came as a rescue for all of us. It can easily satisfy our hunger but cannot provide nourishment to our body, thus, leading to lifelong diseases such as diabetes, thyroid, PCOD etc.

Listed below are few hazardous effects of eating junk food on a regular basis, considering which everyone should eliminate junk food from their lives, not completely but partially as no one can completely eliminate anything from their lives.

  1. OBESITY: Obesity is the accumulation of adipose tissue in the body which is much more than what it should be. Junk foods are the prime causes of obesity because they are loaded with sugar, carbohydrates, unhealthy fats and unnecessary calories which lead to excessive weight gain. Obesity, on the other hand, is the root cause for many other metabolic disorders such as diabetes and other problems such as joint pain and poor heart health.

  2. PROBLEMS IN LEARNING AND MEMORIZING: Learning and memorizing power is strong only if your brain is absolutely healthy and strong. Junk foods contain too much sugar and fats, which suppress the effective working of the brain, thus, affects the memorizing and learning ability of a person. Excess junk food consumption leads to poor cognitive development of growing children. 

  3. LOSS OF APPETITE AND DIGESTION: The most harmful effects of eating junk foods is overeating. Due to the junk foods being extremely palatable, people consume them with great interest. It causes fluctuations in the blood sugar levels, which leads the brain to ask for more and more food, even more than the general requirement of the body. Further, this causes digestive issues and leads to digestive problems such as diarrhea and constipation. 

  4. MENTAL PROBLEMS WHICH LEAD TO DEPRESSION: Excess consumption of junk foods alter the chemical composition of the brain. It makes your body more and more dependent on junk foods. You tend to eat more junk foods and then suffer from withdrawal symptoms. It becomes like an addiction. You crave junk food and after eating experience withdrawal symptoms. Thus, in all this hussle, you end up entering into a depressed life. 

  5. ABNORMAL GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT: A proper growth and development of the body requires a complete balanced diet consisting of all the essential nutrients. Not only are junk foods bad for health due to the presence of sugars, processed fats and other unhealthy components, they also lack the presence of basic and important nutrients too. Thus, due to the absence of the nutrients required for the growth and development of the body of an individual, junk foods hamper the growth and development of a person. It is mostly observed in growing children, when the growth and development of their entire body, including brain and other vital organs, takes place. But, due to the excessive consumption of junk foods, the growth and development of the children is hampered. 

  6. DENTAL PROBLEMS: Junk foods contain high amounts of sugar and carbohydrates, which produce acids that have the ability to deteriorate the enamel, outermost white layer of your teeth. Furthermore, extra salt and sugar added to make the junk foods tasty can stick to your teeth which makes it for you to clean your teeth properly because the bristles of the toothbrush cannot reach those places. Hence, it can lead to poor oral hygiene, resulting in tooth cavities and decaying. 

Thus, we see there are considerable harmful effects which are caused by the junk foods. Eating in moderation is absolutely fine, but consuming junk foods more than recommended is not right and should be practiced by any individual because of the harms it can cause to you and your health. Remember, you become what you eat. So, always eat healthy.

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