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Honey and ginger have a number of health benefits individually, like they have a lot of antioxidants and help to improve digestion. When consumed in combination, the mixture of ginger and honey have even more health benefits. The mixture has been used for treating many respiratory problems such as cough and cold for a very long time. 

Listed below are 6 health benefits of this magical mixture:

  1. NATURAL HOME REMEDY FOR TREATING RESPIRATORY PROBLEMS SUCH AS COUGH AND COLD: During respiratory problems such as cough and cold, accumulation or build up of mucus takes place in the respiratory tract which might lead many other respiratory problems. Honey helps to deplete this layer of mucus which helps a person to be able to breathe properly. On the other hand, ginger reduces the inflammation which has occurred in the airway. Thus, the combination of ginger and honey acts as an effective home remedy for treating respiratory problems such as cough and cold. Take one teaspoon of honey and add one teaspoon of finely chopped ginger in it. Mix the ingredients properly. Lick it daily at least two times in a day to experience maximum benefits.

  2. NATURAL PAIN KILLER: The mixture of ginger and honey is known to relieve pain naturally. As we all know, coughs and colds are followed by sore throat. Thus, the combination of ginger and honey provides relief from respiratory diseases and provides relief from throat pain. 

  3. IS PROVEN TO BE BENEFICIAL FOR HEART: Ginger and honey mixture helps to reduce cholesterol and also prevents the occurrence of blood clots. Thus, to these properties, ginger and honey mixture is considered to be good for heart health. 

  4. STRENGTHENS OUR IMMUNE SYSTEM: Both ginger and honey have a lot of antioxidants which help to reduce free radicals from the body. This mixture is considered very effective to treat sickness.  Consumption of one teaspoon of ginger or honey or the mixture helps to strengthen the immune system and increases the body’s capacity to fight infections.

  5. HELPS TO IMPROVE DIGESTION: Honey and ginger consist of properties which catalyze the process of digestion. Thus, daily consumption of one teaspoon of ginger and honey mixture improves your digestion process, thus making your bowel movements easier and hassle free. 

  6. PREVENTS NAUSEA AND MORNING SICKNESS: Ginger and honey have properties which are effective in reducing or even preventing nausea and morning sickness, especially during pregnancy. Drinking 1 cup of hot water with honey and ginger mixed in it helps to prevent nausea and morning sickness. 

Making a nice hot cup of ginger and honey tea is found to be very effective for sore throat. Also, it can be consumed without any sickness as well. The ginger and honey tea acts as a detox tea, which helps to cleanse the entire system and makes you feel fresh and relaxed. 

However, when consumed in excess amounts, ginger can cause some side effects such as burping, diarrhea, heartburn or general discomfort. Hence, everyone should consume the mixture or the ingredients individually in moderation.

Thus, including ginger and honey, when consumed during sickness or without any sickness provides a number of health benefits. But, along with the health benefits, they also have some side effects. So, consuming them in moderation is best recommended.


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