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Marvels of Aromatherapy- can these oils become alternatives to conventional treatment?


Aromatherapy or healing with the power of aromatizing oils is the arena for discussion and research in medical science. Many studies claimed the effectiveness of these oils comparing them with the conventional approved treatment modalities. 

Many essential oils have been proved to provide great results as compared with their allopathic counterparts with lesser side effects. be it rosemary, lemongrass, lavender, or tea tree all these oils have been showing significant importance in the clinical field. 

There are significant numbers of data pointing out their exemplary work in different diseases and infections. let’s have a look at their amazing abilities and healing power.

Essential oils are volatile substances that are extracted from plants and herbs. Besides their medicinal properties, they have unique capabilities to heal the mind and body together as a whole.

Essential oils are available in concentrated forms. hence, they are diluted in a carrier oil or base before application. They are not used in the ingested form in the body. They produce maximal effects when inhaled.

In this article, we will curate our curiosity more about the marvelous healing capacities of rosemary and tea tree essential oils. How these amazing oils can cure you naturally.


What is Rosemary essential oil?

Rosemary essential oil is taken from the Rosmarinus officinalis plant. It possesses its distinct place among other essential oils because of its unique properties in reversing hair loss.

 Not only does it help in the regrowth of hair but acts as an anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial treating various scalp ailments. At the same time, it is a memory enhancer and promotes nerve rejuvenation. It does so by stimulating micro-vascular perfusion.

Benefits of rosemary oil

It discloses its marvels by working on hair roots and scalp to treat various hair related conditions like:

  - Androgenetic alopecia

  - Alopecia areata

 -Improve hair growth by promoting scalp circulation.

  - It alleviates itchy scalp issues.

  - It aids in preventing and treating premature greying of hair.

  - It works best for relieving dandruff and flaky scalp.


Scientific evidence & Research on rosemary oil

It has been studied and clinically tested that rosemary has equally effective properties in treating alopecia due to DHT as Minoxidil. DHT is a form of the male hormone testosterone. Its abnormal increase causes hair loss in females and males called female pattern baldness and male pattern baldness respectively.

Minoxidil is a conventional approved allopathic treatment for androgenetic alopecia. Rosemary has been proving as equally effective as minoxidil in reversing hair loss due to androgens.

Minoxidil produces itchy scalp and other side effects whereas rosemary has not shown any side effects with its long-term use.

What is Tea tree essential oil?

Tea tree essential oil is extracted from Melaleuca alternifolia plant. It is different from black tea or green tea plant. It originated from the southwest coastal region of Australia. 

Tea tree oil has exceptional anti-microbial properties. It was initially used as a medicinal plant. Later, it is used as an essential oil. It can treat a plethora of infectious ailments like tinea pedis, lice, mite infections, insect bites, and skin rashes.

Benefits of tea tree oil

Tea tree oil has extraordinary anti-septic, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties and is used for a variety of treatments-

  - Athletic foot

  - Acne

  - Skin rashes

  - Mite infections

  - Anti–lice treatment

  - Cure bad breath

  - Fights bad odor in underarms.

  - Wound healing

  - Insect repellent


Scientific evidence and research on Tea tree essential oil

It has been researched that tea tree essential oil is equally effective in treating acne as Benzoyl peroxide. BPO is the conventional treatment that is given for acne. Over the years, tea tree essential oil has proved equal efficacy in treating acne with lesser side effects.

It can be used as a natural alternative for terbinafine and clotrimazole creams treating anti-fungal and anti-bacterial infections.


Other than that, lavender oil has been shown to alleviate insomnia symptoms when used consistently for long periods. Lemongrass oil is also considered a good option for treating scalp issues like dandruff and infections.



Both rosemary and tea tree oils are best for their unique effects. At the same time, they are naturally derived and completely chemical-free possessing the goodness of nature. They show better results and fewer side effects than their chemical alternatives.



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