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Must Know About Molasses-A Healthy Sugar Substitute!

Molasses/Black teracle is a kind of dark thick substance obtained during the process of sugar-cane refining process. While preparing the sugar, the juice which is obtained and extracted from sugarcane is boiled till the crystallization of sugar takes place and precipitates. The leftover syrup after the completion of crystallization, is often termed as molasses. Usually, the boiling and crystallization of sugarcane involves three steps. After completion of each step, the leftover molasses consists of sugar content based on the quantity and variety of sugar extracted in such a step and batch.


Consuming refined sugar makes the individual filled with too many calories in a very small amount. Resulting in long term adverse effects including certain metabolic disorders. Eventually, the rise of certain alternatives for refined sugar rather than honey and jaggery have been available now-a-days. Among such, Molasses is one of the kinds. Hence, Molasses should be a must try option instead of refined sugar.


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Types of Molasses:

 Light molasses: This syrup is the result of first boiling. This syrup is pale coloured and has the sweet taste. This kind is mostly used in baking process for cakes and cookies.


Dark molasses: This syrup is the result of second boiling. This type is similar to the light molasses except the color. This type offers dark color as well as flavor to the recipes in which this is used.


Blackstrap molasses: In the order, this type of molasses is the result of third boiling. This type is thicker and darker. But, produces bitter taste to the recipes. Also, this type of molasses is concentrated and packed with potential health benefits.


Unsulfured and sulfured molasses: The word sulfured, indicates presence of sulfur dioxide in the molasses. This sulfur dioxide functions as a preservative. Sulfured molasses is less sweet than the unsulfured ones.


Molasses-Nutritional Information:

For, One tablespoon (20 gm) of molasses,

*     Manganese: 13 %

*     Magnesium: 12%

*     Copper: 11%

*     Vitamin-B6: 8%

*     Selenium: 6 %

*     Potassium: 6%

*     Iron: 5%

*     Calcium: 3%

Calories from 20 gm of molasses is 58 mostly from carbohydrates (sugar). Molasses is

enriched with vitamins and Minerals. Yet, Molasses is a bi-product of sugar, it should be

consumed in moderate amounts. Among the types of molasses mentioned above, Black strap

possess more health benefits when consumed in any way. Molasses contains several Anti-

oxidants which benefit heart health by managing Hypertension as well as bone health in management of Osteoporosis. Excess consumption leads to Diarrhoea. Also, it must be avoided by patients with any form of Diabetes.


Some other potential benefits:

*     Vitamin-B6 can be easily available from Molasses.

*     Helps in management of Anemia (Particularly Black-Strap Molasses is a great source for plant-based iron. Hence, Iron deficiency anemia can be well monitored)

*     Nutritious than refined sugar.

*     A natural remedy to treat constipation in children.

*     Aids in management of good hair health.

*     Functions as an Anti-inflammatory agent in arthritis.



Yet, there is also a natural sweetener, Honey available widely. Molasses and honey have similar properties common in many ways. But Honey has wound-healing properties compared to molasses. Hence, Molasses should be a must try option instead of refined sugar. Mainly because of its above-mentioned properties. But in moderate amounts. Adding Molasses to foods can greatly enhances the taste along with good health apart from diabetics.

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