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The mystery of longevity: what secret to long life do the food hold?

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If someone asks you how much longer you wish to live? I think you all come up with the classic dialogue that "Sir, Life need not be long it should be big." but i want to add my version in it "It should be long and healthful" because what's a life without healthy ways to live it. You just need to bring changes in some of your ways of living and you can get there.

We all are already familiar with some of the people from these places which are officially called "Centurions" -the Okinawa, the Mediterranean, and the French—who live longer than the people all around the world. So what is the secret of their food? Why is their diet considered the best diet on the earth?

The 80% rule - "hara hachi bu"

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It is not a coincidence that the Okinawa Diet "The diet of longevity" is so regularly discussed around the world at so many panels on nutrition.

Okinawa has many centurians who have become a part of the human longevity project. The people who live there not only live longer but live a functional and healthy life. They never stop working, they always have something to do , people their Don't believe in the concept of retirement. They enjoy everything they do, their food , their culture and communities are one of the most essential parts of their life.

The people who live in Okinawa happen to follow the 80% rule which is so much easier than eating fast food. When you notice you’re almost full but could have a little more ...... just stop eating! 

This concept in Japanese is known as "hara hachi bu" .

One can follow this concept by eliminating desert from their dinner or by reducing the portion size. Have you ever noticed that the food portion size in japan is so much smaller than the rest of the world, especially west. Even in the restaurants out there don't  serve food as appetizers, main courses, and dessert . Instead, it’s very common out there to see everything there is presented at once on small plates. Eating food on small plates reduces the chances of eating too much.

If one found the 80% rule is difficult to follow then Okinawa people have a different way  for that on The 5:2 ratio is that their diet recommends two days of fasting every week and eating normally on the other five days. Not eating for one day is considered as consuming so much less calories.

There are so many  benefits of fasting, some of them are , fasting helps cleanse the digestive system and allows it to rest.

The Phenomenon diet


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"Result of anything lies inside the preparation"

The long livin' life of Okinawa people lies inside their diet.

Variety of foods are consumed by the local people of Okinawa. Study of Okinawa’s centenarians showed that they ate 206 different foods, including spices, on a regular basis.

 They ate at least an average of eighteen different foods each day.They eat fruits and vegetables at least five times in a day.

They happen to eat fish three times a week.

Grains are the foundation of their diet. 

Okinawa people have white rice every day in their diet, they occasionally add noodles in it.

They seldom eat sugar, and if they do, it’s cane sugar. That's the reason that finding sweets around that area is difficult.

Antioxidants are an essential part of their diet.

Antioxidants are one of the keys to reduce aging.

Some of the antioxidant foods which are part of Okinawa people's diet are tofu,  tuna, carrot, cabbage , onion, pepper , sweet potato, sanpin-cha ( jasmine tea) , green tea etc.


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"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well" -Virginia Woolf. 

So try some of the ways which Okinawa people do and see the change in yourself.

Starting from asking yourself , do you want to live longer and healthier?

If you want know more about Okinawa diet and you are book-lover  you must check it


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