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What does anxiety feel like? 7 essential oil help to reduce your anxiety level.

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Whenever there’s a presentation to present in Lavina’s college. She couldn’t sleep for nights thinking about what will happen?  What will her classmate and professor think if she presents it badly? And she might have ended up getting low grades. She always spends most of her time worrying than the actual practice. When the day arrived, she got nervous and the layers of anxiety took upon her skin and she got a panic attack while presenting it.

If you devote your most of time worrying or getting nervous, or you have difficulty in sleeping because of your anxiety level, then you should pay more attention to your thoughts and the emotions that you are feeling because that might be symptoms of anxiety or any other disorder like social anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder(PTSD).

Anxiety is a normal human reaction to any threat or danger, both mind and body evolve at this, it can be reduced by trying out some different ways and one of them is aromatherapy it involves using essential oils from plants like seeds, flowers, fruits, leaves ,and roots. These oils will help you to calm yourself.

What is the cause of your anxiety?   


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Before going for the procurement one must know the cause of it”. There are so many different factors on which your level of anxiety depends upon. You must remember that it doesn’t happen suddenly; it's a combination of thoughts that occurred over a period of time.

  Environmental factors - it depends upon the current stage of your life, like your personal relationship, your work area, your college or school environment, your peer’s group or you must be in an area where the level of oxygen is low like in altitude areas.

  Past or childhood experience – one must experience some toxic environment in their childhood or maybe their past relationships are not that much good, that you remember again and again and once those thoughts and feelings come again you start feeling the same sensations in your body.

  Genetics – This is not proofed by neurologists and physiologists that anxiety is completely transferred from genes but some of them get transferred and the rest of it that you are surrounded by people who are dealing with anxiety and the chances of you getting it increases.

    Drugs and medication – people who are continuously dealing with anxiety or depression there’s a chance of them taking alcohols or other drugs for making those feelings go away but you might end up being addicted to those drugs. For the person who is suffering from some other diseases then there might be a side effect of those medications.  

  Suffered from a traumatic experience – a person who has recently suffered from the death of their loved one that it became so stressful for them that they end up getting panic attacks.

Remember this-

“Anxiety occurs with the thoughts and the first step is taking your attention away from those thoughts”.

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4 Different ways to use essential oils.

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You must remember that essential oil should be diluted before their use because they are found in concentrated form.

1. In your bath – essential oils can become a part of your bath. You need to add 5-6 drops of oil of your choice in the running water so you can relax when you soak into the tub.

2. Inhaled – you should keep a tissue in your pocket that you have spread 2-3 drops or you can have an aromatherapy bracelet or necklace with you.

3. Spraying around your home – you can spray a few drops of it on cotton pads or you can use an oil burner or diffuser. This would be enough to get the required experience.

4. Massage – while massaging one can use the essential oil as part of it, either on your own or by a professional. But remember to dilute the oils first with a carrier oil (such as the apricot kernel or sweet almond oil). Use about five drops of essential oil with about 10 ml of carrier oil for a concentration of 1.5% to 3.0%. If you are applying the oil to your face, the concentration of essential oils should be no more than 0.2% to 1.5%.


7 Essential oils are used to reduce the anxiety level.

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There are so many different oils available with different fragrance with them, use them according to the aftereffect you want to achieve.

1. LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL – it is one of the best essential oil found in aromatherapy. It is used to calm the body and mind during any stressful situation and helps in reducing anxiety levels.

2. LEMONGRASS ESSENTIAL OIL– this essential oil provides an immediate effect on reducing anxiety and stress and helps in recovering quickly from anxiety-inducing situations.

3. BERGAMOT  ESSENTIAL OIL -  it is sourced from the peel of a citrus fruit known as Citrus bergamia, this essential oil may help to lessen your stress. It is often used to improve your negative thoughts.

4. YUZU ESSENTIAL OIL - this scent is used in aromatherapy for a long time, Japanese yuzu essential oil is sometimes used as a natural solution for stress relief. It is considered used to reduce the anxiety level of a mother carrying a sick child.

5. ORANGE ESSENTIAL OIL – breathing sweet essential oil helps in reducing anxiety or tension during anxiety-inducing situation. There’s another kind which is bitter orange which helps in reducing anxiety while speaking in public.

6. YLANG YLANG ESSENTIAL OIL– they are used to reduce the blood pressure level and stress hormones.

7. FRANKINCENSE ESSENTIAL OIL – it is sourced from the resin of the Boswellia tree. It is sometimes used to unwind and ease stress. It is found in studies that it is not that strong so it can be used in combination with other essential oils like rose, lavender, and orange.


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Above all, remember that essential oil alone will not help you reduce anxiety but it can help you in the path of recovery. If you have been struggling with anxiety from past quiet times. The very first step is to tell your parents or other adults about your thoughts, then take a proper checkup, and don’t forget to use these sweet fragrances to enhance your day.

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