Why Health Coaches are Key to Success in Wellness

For years, we’ve gotten used to impersonal, short and abrupt visits with family or frequently to the same Doctors. We’ve trusted wholeheartedly that our Doctors really do know what’s best for us and they will absolutely help us heal.

Yet, India is sicker, more obese, and more disease-ridden than ever. There’s something missing. And that has called for a new kind of health care leader to emerge, one where doctors take the time to help their patients with a prescription drug and second where these expert healthcare leaders will get to the root cause of their conditions and will help accordingly either to reverse or manage.

Post Corona pandemic the paradigm is shifting from Illness care to healthcare. MyMedicineBox is at the cutting edge of this work because it offers this kind of root cause approach to medicine in a modern, tech forward, and affordable way. But at MyMedicineBox we are also doing something truly forward-looking by having a team of health coaches who provide consistent support to each and every #Easycare Subscription member and others with specific packages.

So who is a health coach?

A health coach is a cheerleader, a guide, a holistic practitioner, a clean eating expert, and a healthy living guru. During the expertise training  at the Institute for Diabetes and  Nutrition, health coaches develop a vast understanding of how food affects the body, as well as about how all elements of one’s lifestyle impact the health of every patient, from relationships to career to mindset to stress levels.

Here at MyMedicineBox, our coaches help you succeed. Whether you’re making changes to your diet and need an accountability partner or you’re looking for ideas on how to reduce stress —a coach is there to support you 100%.

Consider your health coach a motivational partner; someone who is just as committed to your wellness goals as you are and will provide you with all of the tools you need to achieve them. As part of a selected membership, you receive a dedicated health coach to help you put into place the practices outlined by your physician.

Recently, one of our patients expressed how refreshing it was to finally feel like she was being taken care of, as if she had a serious team advocating for her health. Well, here at MyMedicineBox, she does. We hope one day everyone will have access to this kind of health care; one with heart, integrity, and a modern approach.

You are advised to take one of MyMedicineBox’s masterclass and we are sure you will have better mandate by your self for your own good health.

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