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Different types of green tea can help to boost your health and glow.

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I know your green tea lovers are waiting to read this, raise your hands! There are many health benefits of consuming green tea and most importantly its role in weight loss has made it one of the most popular teas of this period. Green tea originated in China. Now the production of green tea is widely happening in almost every tea-growing region of the world like Japan, India, Taiwan, Kenya, and Sri Lanka. It is derived from Camellia Sinensis leaves and it does not undergo any oxidation process which makes it a relatively healthier beverage than the other oxidized variants available in the market.

Green tea is responsible for boosting up your immunity and protecting you against cough and flu. It is also linked with promoting a healthy heart by checking the bad cholesterol level or LDL. Consumption of green tea also facilitates clear skin and healthy hair. After being such a healthy beverage, some may worry about its caffeine content. If you are worrying about how much caffeine green tea has let me just tell you that it has much less caffeine content than coffee and most other teas, and it is also perfectly safe to consume.

How is green tea made?

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Green tea is a non-fermented type of tea, indicating that it has undergone no oxidation unlike oolong tea or black tea. The traditional method of making green tea involves four steps, but when we look at a broader aspect only three ways are in use. Starting with light withering (although not practiced widely) followed by heating (also referred to as “fixing”) and then rolling and drying.

In fixing once the leaves are plucked, they are immediately taken to the factory for “fixing” or de-enzyme. This prevents the leaves from getting oxidized and turning brown.

Once the leaves are fixed, now we are proceeding with the rolling process for giving the final shape. This rolling process helps the cell wall to break down and extract aromatic compounds that are concentrated across the many layers within a leaf.

Next comes drying, which is carried out until the moisture content is reduced to about 1% of the total weight of the leaves.

Green Tea Benefits.

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As you know by now, that green tea serves so many health advantages, it is the healthiest beverage that is consumed all over the world for its many benefits. One of the benefits of green tea extracts its effect on the skin. It doesn’t matter your green tea powder or uses green tea leaves, it can help reduce inflammation on the skin, which is well known for causing acne. 

Applying green tea to your face will also help in giving you a beautiful and energetic glow. This is why green tea for acne is a good idea.

Different types of green tea.

Photo on Unsplash by Jia Ye.

1.Tulsi Green Tea.

In Ayurvedic and herbal remedies, tulsi or holy basil plays an important role. The two most important components of tulsi green tea are phytonutrients and antioxidants that help to protect the body from damaging free radicals. It also helps in cutting down stress, strengthen immunity, boost stamina and aid in better digestion and metabolism.

2.Mint Green Tea.

Mint tea is known for its essential refreshing flavor and aroma that will automatically brighten your day. The antioxidants present in mint green tea have a rich concoction, have incredible restorative powers, which can help boost the dipping energy levels, other than that helps in uplifting your mood and improve digestion too.

3.Jasmine Green Tea.

Jasmine green tea is flavored with the essence of the jasmine flower. The tea packs many antioxidants which can effectively fight free radical activity. Studies have also shown that it is linked with curing arthritis, regulating blood pressure, and relieving stress.

4.Chamomile Green Tea.

This type of green tea is flavored with delicate chamomile flowers which are infused in hot water that makes this tea one of the most favorite picks amongst all green tea lovers. Chamomile Green Tea is known for helping in stress relief. This green tea has a soothing effect with the mildly sedative property which is also known to act as a good sleep inducer.

5.Himalayan Green Tea.

These organic tea leaves are picked from the foothills of the Himalayas. Himalayan Green Tea helps in tackling fatigue and also serves as an excellent detox. In addition to this, it also helps in digestion, weight loss and regulates blood pressure.


Matcha tea is loaded with antioxidants, especially catechins. It also helps in boosting your concentration level, memory induces calm, and aids weight loss. Matcha tea is powdered green tea and is grown basically in shade. The Shade-grown tea leaves are meticulously stone-ground into a fine powder, this finely ground powder gives out a rich herbaceous flavor.

7.Honey Lemon Green Tea.

The most energetic green tea infused with a soothing mix of honey and lemon flavors provides an energy kick like none of the other green tea. It is loaded with antioxidants and phytonutrients; the concoction can be your companion in battling several health woes.


Photo on Unsplash by Verena Böttcher.

Green tea is the healthiest beverage consumed all over the world among any other tea. The best time to drink green is 2 hours before or after a meal. Drinking green tea more during summer and less in winter is also advisable.

So we have reached the end and you are still here with me, I know you are craving that one cup of tea and it's going to be in front of you all you need to do is just make it!

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