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5 Healthy Foods for Healthy Hair

Does your short hair makes you sad whenever you look within the mirror? However, hair growth takes time and proper nutrition. Hair is a protein and if you add more protein to your diet, inches in the hair grow faster.
Our food selections have a profound impact on our health, and are  reflected on the hair first. Deficiency of the right amount of nutrients slows down hair growth and in extreme cases causes hair loss. Fortunately, a balanced diet can reverse some of the obvious consequences. In addition to diet, vitamin B supplements also help with hair growth.

How does diet affect hair growth?
Hair grows unceasingly and is replaced, and strands perpetually form new hair from the body's nutrients. The foods people eat affects the manner their hair grows and its quality. Certain proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals are essential for sturdy, healthy hair. Consuming nutritive foods also can improve nails and skin health. Eating a variety of healthy foods can also improve nails and skin health.


So, move towards your hair goals by learning regarding foods which contain  vitamins and minerals that you simply should make in your diet.

1. Citrus fruit to induce Vitamin C 
Your body wants water-soluble vitamin (Vitamin C) To gain iron therefore; you have to add citrus fruits in your diet. Nutritionists suggest that one lime every day is enough to induce your daily dose of Vitamin C. Simply Make a glass of nimbu paani for yourself (with honey or alternative healthy refined sugars) and you will be satisfied.

2. Eggs give protein 
Eggs are power-packed with proteins, minerals, and B-complex vitamins. These nutrients, particularly biotin and different B-complex vitamins, will facilitate curb hair loss by strengthening the roots of your hair. The nutrients additionally facilitate stimulating new hair growth, adding volume and thickening your hair. The proteins facilitate strengthen your hair whereas the facts help condition it, rising hair texture.
Eggs have protein and essential nutrients that contribute to hair health, like vitamins A, D and B12. protein helps to build the structure of hair and egg is one among the richest natural sources of protein.

3. Green leafy vegetables give Iron
Iron is an important mineral that your hair cells want. In fact, iron deficiency will cause hair loss. When your body loses iron, oxygen and nutrients can't transferred to the hair follicles which will inhibit growth and weaken your strands. Add various foliate vegetables like spinach, broccoli and lettuce to your diet. All these dark green foliate vegetables are a superb source of vitamin A and vitamin C. Both of these vitamins help build sebum, which is a natural hair conditioner that soothes your skin and scalp.


4. Dry fruits  and seeds give omega-3 fatty acid
Fatty Acids Walnuts, chia seeds and flaxseeds are a number of the most effective sources of omega-3 fatty acid fatty acids. It helps to soften the hair follicles which add strength and shine to the hair. Clinical studies have found that Omega-3 deficiency can lead to dehydration, which can also lead itching and dandruff. Nuts and seeds such as sunflower seeds and peanuts are one of the best supplements for healthy hair as it is a rich source of zinc. Zinc helps to strengthen hair follicles and stop hair loss by binding its proteins.

5. Sweet Potatoes Provide Beta Carotene (Vitamin A)
Vegetables and fruits have high levels of vitamins and minerals, which help us to nourish our bodies and promote hair growth. Their wonderful sweetness goes hand in hand with the antioxidant Beta Carotene (our bodies convert it into vitamin A) build this a special food that ought to be included in our diet. Baked with some cinnamon and rosemary, or wrapped in a pan with some tomato and cumin sauce, sweet potatoes can help you to possess sturdy and healthy hair! 

Additionally to helping with hair growth, the above diet permits us to induce beautiful and young looking skin with strong nails, also as happy bellies!

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