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Hey Veggies!! Come here in my tummy😋💪

Hey, Veggies!!
Some are here who eat you for taste...
Some are here who eat you for nutrients...
Some are here who don't eat you because of taste...
Some are here who don't relate you deeply with nutrients...

Hey Guys!!
As you saw I was just talking with veggies😊. I was telling that there are two types of people in this world.
1) One Who eat veggies according to their taste.
2) Another who eat veggies according to nutrition values. 

I observed this thing that nowadays people are preferring their taste instead of nutrition value. We are forgetting this thing that veggies have so so many nutrition values, which can cure human body problems easily. 
we intake veggies according to our taste only because of which we skip the important part that is how that Vegetables will do magical effect on our body.

Every vegetable has its nutrients, which affects in different manners in a human body. I know most of you'll take it just as a reminder, and then after some time of reading this, you are going to do the same old. 
But keep this thing in mind that if you are facing any problem in your body, any health issues. Trust me!! Veggies can contribute a huge part to your recovery from that health issue.

So guys lastly I want to ask can we relate food and medicine??

The answer is Yes!!


Then ponder upon this thing:-
👉Those medicines are also to increase our nutrition values, these are also to make our body strong, to boost our immunity and so on good changes in our body to fight against that health issue.
But Medicines are temporary treatment, the problem can happen again if we are not changing our lifestyle, our food. Food!!!
👉Food also provides our body all that power to fight against various diseases and make our body stay healthy.
But it's a permanent cure, because if you are adding good food to your lifestyle then you can prevent your body from various health problems.

So we can conclude that:-
👉Be choosy while taking food... There's nothing wrong in to be choosy...
👉But what matters is the basis of your choice.
👉Choose your health first then your taste.
👉Because good food can give you a worthy and healthy life.
 I hope this is what we all want a healthy life.

In this pandemic time of covid-19, Don't be panic, just take proper precautions and eat your healthy veggies in food😋🤗.
Stay strong and stay healthy!!✌️✌️

Be choosy for your food because it's a permanent medicine for your body which can cure all health problems. 
Be wise!! Be choosy!!🍏💚

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