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             Allergies are caused due to some kinds of foods. Because that food causes some chemical reactions in our body to causes an allergy, the chemical reaction is created in the immune system. In some cases, these allergies lead to death. Food allergy causes abnormal or uncontrolled responses in the immune system and it acts as a triggering agent. Food allergy is similar to food intolerance, but food tolerance is less effective and is not related to the immune system.


       The food allergy is involved to trigger our immune system and causes some chemical reaction, this process is known as “Anaphylaxis”. This type of reaction causes life-threatening problems like tightening of airways, rapid decreasing of pulse rate, loss of consciousness, shock effect in blood pressure, breathing trouble due to lumps in throat sensation. There is no effective treatment for anaphylaxis problems. Without taking any emergency treatment and it leads to coma or death. 


    Our immune system is responsible to produce an anti-body and it acts against the foreign particles which are entered into our body. In some cases, these foods are mistakenly identified as foreign objects and take action against the food substance. Then, the immune system produces an immunoglobulin E (Ig-E) to fight against the food, and its result in causes allergy. 

    While consuming that kind of foods, the immune system gets altered and produces histamine along with some other chemicals are enter into the bloodstreams and produces an allergic reaction.

      Other than anaphylaxis, there are two kinds of allergy due to food. That also causes allergies and other problems. They are,

1)       Pollen-food allergy

2)       Exercise-induced food allergy

3)       Food intolerance

Pollen- food allergy:

       The allergies that are caused due to pollen grains attracted to the food items are known as a pollen-food allergy or oral allergy. Mainly pollen grains are attached to fruits, vegetables as well as in nuts. That pollens are cause an allergic reaction along with fever. Sometimes, it causes tingles or itchiness in the mouth. In more serious condition, swelling in the throat or similar to anaphylaxis reaction.

        During cooking, proper cleaning and temperature foe cooking in a correct manner, to destroy that pollen effect.

       The pollen contains proteins, that responsible for allergic reaction, those proteins are found in some fruits, vegetables, nuts, and spices. This type of reaction is known as cross-reactivity. There are different types of pollen, they are

i)                    Birch pollen

ii)                  Ragweed pollen

iii)                Grasses

iv)                 Mug wort pollen

Exercise-induced food allergy:

             Some people, who doing exercise has hungrier. So, they eat after doing exercise and causes itchiness & lightheadedness due to some kinds of foods. In serious conditions, it causes similar to anaphylaxis or hives. After doing an exercise, they must be in a gap for at least two hours to consuming food. Sometimes this problem leads to cardiac arrest. Avoiding the consumption of food after doing an exercise is the only solution to prevent this effect.

Food intolerance:

         Food intolerance is also similar to food allergic reaction and gives a symptom like vomiting, nausea, cramping, and diarrhea. The type of food intolerance is mainly depending on the reaction that occurs in the body. In some cases, the food is not causing the reaction. But substance or any compound present in food materials causes an allergic reaction.


   The food allergy is mainly due to misunderstanding by the immune system. So, that can be identified earlier and avoid that kind of food items to protect from the problems due to food allergies. Food allergies are majorly due to improper digestion of proteins or other substances. 


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