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The Ideal Way To Treat Food As A Medicine

Nutrition is a vital part of our health. Proper nutrition heals our body and builds a strong immune system helping us to combat illness. The term “Food Is Medicine” was originally coined by Hippocrates almost 2500 years ago, he is considered to be the father of Western Medicine. 


Food has the power to prevent the majority of our illnesses, so it makes sense that we alter or modify our regular diet to stay fit and healthy.

Whether it’s gaining or losing weight or maintaining a healthy figure, following a proper diet is a must.


Let’s think of food as a medication. For that, we need to know what to eat and what not to. You should always make an action plan to regulate your diet if you’re not already doing so.


We must eat healthy in order to be healthy. Proteins, carbohydrates are required along with essential vitamins to build muscles and strengthen our immune system. Fiber is also a vital requirement for our body, improving our bowel movement and reducing the risk of obesity and cardiovascular diseases.

Scientific studies prove that consuming whole food is always better. Prefer eating an apple to drinking apple juice. Whole foods aid our immune system in dealing with the toxins, preservatives, and chemicals which are usually present in most processed foods.





  • Most common sources of protein include red and white meat, seafood, eggs, and dairy products. Vegetarians can go for soy milk, green peas, chickpeas, soybean, and various dairy products.


  • For healthy carbohydrates, the most renowned sources include fruits like apples, bananas, and nuts like almonds, walnuts, etc. Rice and bread have the majority share of carbs among other things.


  • Fiber is not present in dairy products and meat. Good sources of fiber are green leafy vegetables, wheat, legumes, and nuts.


  • For essential vitamins and minerals, most of us get what we need from our daily diet. 





Some food tastes so good, we simply can’t resist the cravings. Well, you’re not alone in this. Many of us deal with cravings frequently. Still, it is always better to avoid certain foods if you want to prevent gaining weight and chronic illnesses.




  • Red meat (lamb, pork, beef) and especially processed meat like sausages, bacon is extremely harmful to our health if consumed regularly for a long period. It contains saturated fats, nitrates, and nitrites. We should balance our diet in a manner so that meat constitutes the least amount of our calorie intake. Instead, you should go for lean protein foods like white-fleshed fish, chicken, egg whites, beans, and peas.


  • Junk food is just that: junk. Yes, that’s exactly what those burgers, cold drinks, and french fries are. While habitually consuming junk food you are loading your body with an unnecessary amount of sugar, fat, salt, and chemical food additives. Try to control your afternoon or midnight snack cravings. The best way to resist them is by eating enough proteins and healthy fats which makes you feel full. Less room means less desire for junk foods. Also, don’t forget to drink plenty of water.



  • Limiting salt intake is also a must as it can cause certain health issues like high blood pressure and heart diseases. The ideal consumption rate is around 1 teaspoon of salt per day.


All good things require effective planning and so does our diet. We can try to plan out each week’s meal on weekends. Remember that protein, carbs, and fats should be consumed simultaneously for the best results. Do not just focus on excessive protein. 


Tips on eating a balanced diet

  • Eat 5 portions of a variety of fruits and vegetables every day.

  • Have some dairy or dairy alternatives like soy milk.

  • Beans, pulses, fish, chicken, and eggs are a necessity.

  • Try to base your diet on high-fiber foods like brown bread, rice, potatoes, etc.

  • Drink plenty of fluids ( No, don’t even think about cold drinks )

  • Avoid junk foods as much as you can.


In conclusion, seeing your food as medicine helps you to make better decisions about your wellbeing.







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