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The fight against Covid-19

In this pandemic situation of Covid-19, Countries are grappling with imminent dangers that this virus poses to humanity. But we will fight against covid-19 and will win one day for sure.
Let's see what measures we can take at the individual level to fight against coronavirus.

Few key measures:-
1) Hygiene Standards
–Washing your hands frequently.
–Use alcohol sanitiser while travelling
2) Wearing Mask
3) Maintain Social Distancing

Boosting your immune system:-
In covid-19, in Addition to proper handwashing, what else can you do to improve your health?
One area that is in your control is your immune system. A healthy immune system can fight against ailments.

So, here are some tips to boost your immune system:-

1) Get adequate sleep:-
One should take proper sleep of 7-8 hours to build a good immune system. Lesser sleep leave exhausted and impair your brain activity. Proper sleep maintains our body functions properly.

2) Improve your diet:-
One should eat a low carb and protein-rich diet to stay healthful. Eat vegetables and fruits which are rich in essential vitamins.
Natural immunity boosters:-
–Black cumin
–Basel leaves
–Citrus fruits 

3) Regular Exercise:-
Nowadays, we all at home, we must add exercise to our daily routine. Exercise helps in releasing the toxins from your body. Regular exercise improves metabolism and boosts the immune system.

4) Don't take stress:-
Currently individual feel anxious because of this fast-spreading coronavirus. we all are afraid of the terrible effects of covid on the human body. But this tension also adversely affecting our body. So we need to stay calm and happy to strengthen our hormones to overthrow covid.
One should add meditation to his daily routine. It makes our brain work vigorously and also provides peace to our soul. By opting for meditation, one can win the fight against corona.

5) Stay Hydrated:-
Water helps to carry oxygen to your body cells, which helps in properly functioning systems. It also works in removing the toxins, which prevents the body from infections and boost our immune system.

6) If you drink alcohol, drink it in moderation:-
Excess consumption of alcohol makes a bad effect on human body organs. such as lungs, liver, stomach. Then this malfunctioning becomes a barrier in immunity-boosting. A person can easily be caught up with infections. So don't drink alcohol much and don't smoke as well.

Guys, easy and logical tips I have shared with you. Follow all these tips to fight against corona. 
Stay Calm!!
Stay Immune!!

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