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Anger is a quite complex emotion. For some people in displeasing situations, anger can completely overpower them before the discretionary part of their brain can think and make problem judgements. In this type of anger situation, one can face difficulties related to public relations as well as health. *On the other hand, well-managed anger can exist as a reason of inspiration to make optimistic changes.
So, If it isn't dealt with properly, it may have pernicious outcomes. 

We all know that how it impacts our relationship with others as it generates aggressive and 'fight or flight responses. So, these impacts are quite visible outside.
But now the question emerges that How does anger affect our health?', Here we need to ponder because it is something that happens internally and mostly we ignore these effects.
To know the answer to this question, First, let's take a look at the biology behind anger.

Often when you must have got angry or have got outraged, then you must have noticed that your heart rate suddenly starts getting very high palpitations and your breath starts bloating and you start sweating a lot or your focus centralised to one person only. So you can observe, As soon as you get angry, your body started reacting rapidly.
The biology behind this:-
(consider below-given figure for better understanding of steps)

  1. As you got angry, The amygdala in your brain activates.
  2. Then amygdala activates the hypothalamus.
  3. The hypothalamus discharges corticotropin-releasing hormone(CRH).
  4. CRH signals the pituitary gland which is situated there in the brain.
  5. The pituitary gland is connected with the kidneys. So, it activates the adrenal gland (situated in the kidney part) by releasing adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH).
  6. The adrenal gland secretes stress hormones like cortisol, adrenaline and noradrenaline.
See, this is how the rapid reaction of anger happens from your brain to kidney, then to stress hormones released in the whole body.

These stress hormones released due to anger affect the various body functions. Let me describe all those effects in a categorised manner:-

  • Stress Hormones increases heart rate.
  • Increases blood pressure.
  • Increases arterial tensions.
  • Increases blood glucose level.
  • Increases blood fatty acid level.

When these symptoms become chronic, It can obstruct your blood vessels (as shown in Figure), results in decreasing blood flow, thus increasing the chances of heart attack, stroke etc.


  • Stress hormones drop thyroid function.
  • A decrease in several natural killer cells occurs.
  • An increase in virus-infected cells results.
  • Increase the chances of cancer.

  • Stress hormones decrease metabolism.
  • Also, become a cause of dry mouth.
  • Due to a decline in blood flow here we also face problems such as indigestion etc.

  • Stress hormones increase intraocular pressure in the eyes.
  • Also results in weaken eyesight.

  • A person's memory starts depleting due to anger or stress because the cortisol hormone also destroys neurons present in the hippocampus region which is situated in the brain to strengthen memory.

  • Now I want to tell you about the Prefrontal cortex which is situated in our brain to think rationally in any particular situation. This prefrontal cortex also starts reducing its neurons due to cortisol stress hormones.
  • That results in lessen thinking ability, Migraines and headaches.
I think now it is clear that how badly anger affects our health and body functioning. Now the question arises that 'How can we manage our anger?' so that the awful effects which are taking place on our health can be avoided.


–ANGER OUTBURST DIARY:- Start writing a diary of your anger outbursts. Through this, you can ponder upon the reason that why you get angry this much soon and how it is impacting you or your living. 

–ADOPT ASSERTIVE BEHAVIOUR:-Try to interact with others more frankly and truthfully without deliberately hurting anyone's feelings. By this, your relationships will become more transparent and your anger issues will resolve.

–LEARN TO RESOLVE CONFLICT:- If you generate a habit of resolving conflict, then slowly it will decrease your anger issues. One should be empathetic and understanding to map the conflict and to design the solution to that conflict.

–ADOPT RELAXATION TECHNIQUES:-One should adopt relaxation techniques such as meditation or yoga to manage his anger properly. Meditation provides you with internal peace and increases your capability of thinking.

–GO FOR COUNSELLING:- If anything related to your past is constantly disturbing you then you should go to a counsellor or a Psychologist. It's not like that you are mentally ill or something, it's just to calm your mind. So, never hesitate to consult with experts such as counsellors or psychologists.

–DO REGULAR EXERCISE:- It's proven by experts that exercise helps in reducing stress and anger issues. Exercising removes excess energy from our body, reduces blood pressure and also releases endorphins that can help in staying calm.

So guys!! I hope after reading this you are going to stay calm as maximum as you can, otherwise you know the consequences of too much anger. I would like to know how you are going to manage your anger from today only. Comment below your ways to manage anger.
Stay Calm!!😌
Stay Healthy!!💚

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