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The eye is the most delicate and tricky yet precise organ in the body. The explosion of technology and pollution however has resulted in a major impact arising various eye issues. No doubt, technology has carried the world closer. But our dependence on it has the drive to impaired eyesight. 

Now, It is crucial to take care of our eyes because we are wasting 45% of energy through the eyes. You have to take care of your eyes with all other organs of your body. 

Guys, I want to share some tips to take care of eyes. These tips will be helpful in your eye care routine. So let's start!!

–HYGIENE OF EYES:- Since there are lots of pollutants in the atmosphere. They affect your eyes badly if you don't take care of your eyes. These pollutants can cause ulcers and dryness in the eyes. Sometimes nerves get dry and sometimes the sensitivity of your eyes get affected.
So, here are some tips to protect your eyes from these worse effects of pollutants.
  • Wear sunglasses while going outside. By this, you can protect your eyes from harmful pollutants as well as from harmful sun rays.
  • Wash your eyes 3-4 times a day. Take some water in your palms and dip your eyes in the water and keep them blink. By this, your eyes would be washed certainly. 

–DO CERTAIN EXERCISES:- Exercises reduces the tension of your eyes and improve blood circulation around the eyes.
  • I would like to recommend 'TRATAK' it's a type of yoga. Tratak means focusing your eye gaze on something.
  •  Procedure for this yoga (Tratak):- There should be an object like a candle. Just focus both eyes on the flame of the candle for some time. Now here remember that you don't just keep your eyes wide open. Let them be half-open. Whenever eyelids closing and shutting down, don't interfere with that. The closing of eyelids is a natural phenomenon. you can easily focus for 5 minutes continuously or till the water comes from your eyes.
  • Another Tratak exercise:- Rotate your eyes left-right, up-down and round. This exercise is also good for increasing blood circulation in your eyes. And can prevent your eyes from dark circles.
–RELAXATION OF YOUR EYES:- When you close your eyes, you are relaxing your eyes. But remember closing eyes doesn't mean sleeping. It has to be aware. So closing your eyes conserve your energy in one area.
  • Form a habit to close your eyes for a while in a day. Like- whenever you are thinking, then close your eyes and then think. So, automatically you will be closing your eyes very often in a day, that would be wonderful.
  • Blink your eyes:- Nowadays in the fast going world, we even lessen the number of blinks. It's a bit strange but this is reality. We are too busy in our works and keep gazing continuously. So, One of the ways to keep your eyes relaxed is to blink frequently. You can do it as an exercise.
  • Another way- see some object which is very far from you like a bird flying very high and a tree which is far from you. This thing gives relaxation to our eyes because the whole day we are seeing objects which are very close to us. 
Do These exercises regularly, like before having food, at the time of assan (yoga) and after having the food you can go for relaxation tactics. 
Knit your life in such a way that your routines are systematic along with that even care of eye also would be in your routine.

**Do your job well and your eyes would be healthy and you will see a healthy world which would be beautiful.**

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