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Precautions for Pregnancy - Do’s and Dont’s

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For a mother, their little one is the most precious and dear person of her life. It becomes crucial for her to take as much care as possible through all the trimesters of her pregnancy. A mother is mostly aware of what to do but is uneducated about what not to do. This might lead to serious repercussions in the future such as a miscarriage. 

Here we present you a list of what a mother should do and should not do in order to give birth to a healthy baby without facing serious complications:

The Do’s 

  1. Stay physically active :

Being sedentary or not doing anything at all might be unfavourable and not so healthy for you and your baby.

It might lead you to gain too much weight, gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, and varicose veins accompanied by breathlessness and back pain.

It is recommended to stay active by doing light exercises recommended by a special trainer and slow down whenever needed as per your comfort level. 

Regular exercise may help you overcome health issues such as insomnia, weight gain, muscle pain, and mood swings during pregnancy. 

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  1. Get lots of sleep

Taking a quick nap wherever tired and a proper sleep of 7-9 hours at night is definitely needed in all the trimesters. It not only helps to lower the anticipation levels but also compensates for the anxiety caused due to change in hormonal levels. 

Sleeping on your sides is preferred in the last trimester. 

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  1. Take a multivitamin supplement 

A healthy diet is not sufficient for a pregnant mother. 

Certain prenatal vitamins contain higher levels of nutrients that should be taken such as calcium, iron, and folic acid. 

These vitamins aid the proper development of the fetus and help birth complications.

4. Prioritize your mental health

It is often noticed that depression sets in for most women during their long pregnancy period. Keeping oneself happy and relaxed is very difficult to attain but should be a top-notch priority for all expecting mothers for the good health of the baby. 

The Dont’s

  1. Don't drink alcohol or smoke 

We all are aware that drinking alcohol during the period of pregnancy is harmful to the baby’s physical well-being. It might lead to serious ailments such as fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS). 

The symptoms of FAS include: 

  • low birth weight

  • learning disabilities and behavioral abnormalities 

  • lagging patterns in terms of growth and development milestones

If alcoholism is a habit to you then prefer to consult a doctor who would prescribe you the right medication to get rid of the habit.

It is noted that mothers who are smokers have children who at a very early age become chain-smokers. 

  1. Don’t follow a weight reduction diet during pregnancy

Cutting out a certain food group from your diet may result in a shortage of nutrient supply to your child. It could, to a large extent,  interrupt the normal physical and mental growth of your child in the womb.  Instead, it is recommended to follow a balanced diet for the benefit and good health of both the mother and the children. 

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  1. Don’t consume too much caffeine

Caffeine might reach the placenta and increase the baby’s heart rate. Thus, having a cup of tea or coffee is normal but beyond that is not recommended. Instead, one can switch to a health drink that would not that will definitely shoot your energy up. 

  1. Don’t drink raw milk or consume unpasteurized milk products

Raw milk is not good for pregnant women since it’s unpasteurized. If the milk isn’t heated to kill the bacteria, it isn’t the right food for your health and your baby and could possibly lead to illnesses. 

Raw milk may contain the bacteria names Listeria. If it enters the body, can lead to illnesses and miscarriages. 

  1. Don’t eat uncooked vegetables and meat

Uncooked or raw or undercooked vegetables, meat, and eggs carry the possibility of foodborne illnesses, such as listeriosis and toxoplasmosis. Food poisoning is also common. It is thus recommended to eat a properly cooked meal which is also easy on digestion and kills the possible existing bacteria in the food. 

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The period of pregnancy is extremely sensitive for all expecting mothers. 

It is important for women to be completely prepared before expecting a baby. It requires immense physical and mental strength to carry a baby.

However, let us all remember, all babies are beautiful as they are gifts of God and such a feeling can truly be understood by a mother.

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